Two Nations

American is, by far, the largest variant of the English language and is the greatest influence on other Englishes

Should we now look to the United States for ‘native’ English?

Compare and contrast American and other Englishes and how these can affect our teaching.

American is a visit to the United States illustrated by hundreds of recent photos and current examples of American speech.

Discover the true story of English in the United States. Amongst the questions that will be answered include:

  • How and why did American develop?
  • What are the important differences between American and other Englishes and how these affect our teaching?
  • How is American causing British English to change?

Find out about:

  • North and South: the regional dialects of America
  • The American cultural identity
  • The myths and legends of American history
  • A selection of American literature, poetry and song
  • American food and drink

There are visits to significant places in America including:

  • The ‘birthplace’ of America
  • The American Revolution
  • The Wild West
  • Washington DC
  • New Orleans, Memphis and the birth of modern music in
  • America, including the Elvis trail
  • A quick look at ‘Swedish America’
  • Homes of authors such as Carl Sandberg & Ernest Hemingway
  • A journey in Martin Luther King’s footsteps (see where Rosa Parks got thrown off the bus) and the birth of the Civil Rights movement.