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Entertaining and educational lectures for students are effective and affordable.

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Lectures for Teachers

Keeping teachers up-dated with new words and phrases from the English-speaking countries.

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Build your own interesting and informative study day or course around the English language.

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A selection of topics that Nicholas covers. If you can't find your favourite subject there, please ask.

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New for 2021-22

Since 1998, Nicholas has worked freelance for teachers’ ongoing professional development. He is known for his entertaining and informative lecturing style.

Nicholas specialises in contemporary English and the variations of the language that can be found around the world.

Nicholas does lots of other stuff. Read more here.

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There is a new course for 2021-22

BRAVE NEW WORDS. Discover the new words, terms and phrases from Britain, America and Australia what they mean and how they arrived in English. Black Lives Matter, coronavirus, new gender identifiers, social media and other rich sources of words and terms will be covered. Get updated long before the dictionaries manage to catch up!

As always, your questions about the English language will be answered.

Full course literature will be supplied including word lists of hundreds of new terms and phrases from each of the past three years.

This year the course comes to you; to your school or municipality Ask me how.




BRAVE NEW WORDS is also available to be streamed online to you and your fellow teachers. Find out how by clicking here

Important updates will be posted on facebook and on this site.

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Nicholas is available for study days during week 44 and at other times. Nicholas is flexible and can always come up with a solution.

A few dates are available for lectures for students. Why not reward your students with an exciting and informative lecture?

New courses in England for teachers will be running in 2022.