Literary Britain

– Take a guided, visual tour to the heart of literary Britain

– Discover relevant facts and information about some of the giants of English literature and their works as well as some myth-busting and controversy

– Get ideas, suggestions and lessons for using fiction, plays and poetry effectively in class

Literary Britain will provide:

  • A literary tour of Oxford – see the real Narnia. Follow Tolkien & CS Lewis (Inspector Morse makes a guest appearance!).
  • Views of the landscape that inspired Wordsworth and the Lakeland poets. Who really wrote Daffodils?
  • The Brontës’ Yorkshire scenery. Did Wuthering Heights exist?
  • Images of the sites that inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula
  • An insight into the Dorset of Thomas Hardy
  • Controversial theories about the Shakespeare conspiracy
  • What the Dickens! A look at literary London*
  • From TV:
    • – Little Britain; a true picture of contemporary English?
    • – What can we learn from 150 murders in Midsomer?
  • And finally, Eats, Roots and Leaves – a look at grammar ’rules.’

Not just talk. Hundreds of photos and images bring alive the literary landscape.