A Short Biography

Nicholas was born in Poole, Dorset and somehow managed to navigate his way through school to be able to obtain a first degree from the University of London. As a postgraduate he qualified as a secondary school teacher at Greenwich University in London.

He has taught in London schools and he worked at one of the most deprived schools in the country. At that time, one-third of year 7 pupils could not effectively read and write in the classroom. Nicholas jointly developed a reading programme that enabled most of the pupils to be able to function in the classroom in less than 12 months.

During his time in England, Nicholas taught almost every subject on the curriculum including French, RE and science.

On moving to Sweden, Nicholas taught first at sixth-form level before working at his local university as an English lecturer specialising in business English. He was language course advisor to the executive MBA.

Nicholas still works part time at one of Sweden’s newest and brightest universities.

Since 1998, he has worked freelance for teachers’ ongoing professional development. He is known for his entertaining and informative lecturing style. He specialises in contempary English and the different strains of the language that can be found around the world. Press the testimonials button to find out what participants say about his courses.

Nicholas is also a translator. He translates academic texts and has worked on many brochures for travel and tourism. Nicholas has even lectured on the subject at university level.

 If that wasn’t enough, Nicholas has does stand-up comedy, writes scripts and has had several books published.

Causes, campaigns and other interests

  • Are you uncomfortable that Google and many other companies track what we do on the internet though cookies? Use a browser with add-ons that delete cookies, block trackers and protect your privacy.
  • Nicholas prefers to support small, independent, local businesses rather than multi-national giants.
  • Nestlé and Coca Cola are examples of companies that lack morals and undermine human values. Nicholas does not patronise immoral organisations. Motto: Never Knowingly Nestlé.
  • Nicholas supports AFC Bournemouth After more than 100 years of rattling around at the bottom, The Cherries finally made it to England’s top league. But wherever they play, Nicholas will try to be there.
  • Nicolas likes to talk about himself in third person.