Why do you need Nicholas?

Because you are tired of boring and inadequate study days

What Nicholas does is unique

Since 1998, Nicholas Waters has been keeping English teachers in Sweden up-to-date with developments in the language as well as offering insights into the different kinds of English around the world.

In past times, courses were regularly held in around 25 locations from Luleå in the North to Malmö in the south. However, post-coronavirus, Nicholas comes to you; to your school, municipality or region. Just invite him! Find out how by clicking HERE.

Nicholas informs about the current trends in language long before they have reached the text books and dictionaries

He lectures in a truly entertaining manner and uses real examples. Teachers all over Sweden attend his courses regularly. Nicholas Waters is a qualified teacher and has taught in Britain and Sweden at almost every level from primary to university.

Using a multitude of sources in the native-speaking countries, Nicholas has introduced thousands of new English words to Swedish teachers. Infortainment, gastropub, and Frankenstein foods are amongst the many words that were probably first uttered on Swedish soil in one of Nicholas’s lectures.

Many teachers are regular attenders of Nicholas’s lectures and find it a conventient way to keep themselves up-dated with new words and phrases from the English-speaking countries.

Nicholas has also lectured on Englishes from around the globe

These include: British and Irish English and their dialects, American English, Australian, South African, Indian and also non-native varieties of English.

There are three ways to find out about Nicholas’s courses.

You could, look at Nicholas’s current course page here

Better, is to follow Nicholas on instagram and facebook

Best, is to join Nicholas’s mailing list. Then you will know about each lecture on the day that it is announced. Press the big button to the right or click here