Study Days

Why do you need Nicholas?

Because you are tired of boring and inadequate study days

Nicholas offers study days for teachers, (studiedagar in Swedish) which in English should properly be called professional development (fortbildning in Swedish) or INSET (IN SErvice Training). You simply ask Nicholas to come to your county, town, school or college and let him know what subjects you would like to cover. Click here for ideas.

What is a study day?

A study day can be anything from 1 hour to several days. Nicholas also offers longer residential courses, such as Experience England.

Most common are full and half days

Who can participate in a study day?

Teachers of English who have chosen to attend. There is no point in giving courses for teachers who have been ordered to be present. There is no limit on the numbers who can participate.

What does a Study day cost?

The cost of a study day depends on:

– number of teachers attending and length of course.

– title of course (see below) and how much preparation is involved. My material is constantly updated and all courses are especially adapted for each occasion.

– distance. A one-day course may require a travel day before and after.

Travel expenses are extra as is hotel accommodation, if required.

What subjects does Nicholas cover?

Anything to do with English and English teaching.  A day can be any mix of subjects and each part can be of any length. All courses are given in English.

The most popular is the latest tends in English, new words, terms and phrases.

For possible subjects look at the course archive here.

Why do you need Nicholas?

So that study days have worthwhile content and are fun again!

This graph is an independent evaluation of one of Nicholas’s presentations. 92% of teachers rated it good or excellent.

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BRAVE NEW WORDS and other study days are also available to be streamed online to you and your fellow teachers. Find out how by clicking here

Although the courses are in English, you may contact Nicholas in Swedish.