Different Englishes

Although this is a retired course, the material is constantly being updated. It is popular for study days and can be anything from an hour to a whole day. There are shorter versions of this course that are especially suitable for students.

Different Englishes has two parts.

  • The British Isles
    • English, Irish and Scottish Englishes. The variation of English within the British Isles. Includes RP and Estuary English
  • The rest of the world
    • A comparative look at British and American English
    • The third most important variety of English; Australian and its influence on the Englishes of SE Asia and Oceania.
    • The origins of Australian English and the development of the Australian Accent.
    • Do people in Australia really speak “Strine”?
    • Is New Zealand English simply Australian with a different accent?
    • What are Singlish, Manglish and Japanglish?
    • Seth Effrican English!

Each participant will receive an easy-to-use CD including all the course literature as well as:

  • A dictionary of Australian English
  • A comparative dictionary New Zealand English
  • Hundreds of pictures from the Australia, South Africa, SE Asia and the USA.

The course is now retired. It is still available by special order. You provide the audience, I’ll deliver it.