Australia, Australian, Australians is a tour of the whole continent. You will see it, hear it and be able to taste it!

No question will go unanswered – including:

  • Who are the Australians?
  • How do they speak and write?
  • What is the Australian dialect?
  • How did the dialect and distinctive accent develop?
  • Where is Australian going and where is it leading us?

Find out about:

  • Life in Australia
  • The Australian cultural identity and how it affects the language
  • Australian literature, poetry and song
  • Australia’s colourful history.
  • Australian food

There are visits to significant places in Australia including:

  • Captain Cook’s Australia
  • The birth place of QANTAS and Waltzing Matilda – the true story behind Australia’s ‘other national anthem’
  • A Town Like Alice
  • Alice
  • Crocodile Dundee’s outback (and the real Australia too)
  • The home of The Flying Doctors – in fact and fiction
  • Oh, and Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart and Darwin and Kalgoorlie and Coober Pedy and Broome and Mt Isa and Cairns and … many more places.


Course material-

Everything you wanted to know. Up-to-date facts and figures, notes and hundreds of photos that you can use in your teaching is on a CD that is all ready and waiting for you.

The course is now retired. It is still available by special order. You provide the audience, I’ll deliver it.