Different Englishes, Different Voices

There isn’t just one English, there are many Englishes!

Different Englishes, Different Voices is a look at the major varieties of English in The British Isles plus one of the major, established Englishes of Africa.

The topics covered in the morning session include:

  •  Different to what? What is standard English?
  • Estuary English, RP, BBC and the Queen’s English
  • The major national Englishes of the British Isles:-
    • The Republic of Ireland
    • Northern Ireland
    • Scotland
    • Wales

Subjects examined in the afternoon include:

  • An overview of regional variations in England and some of the major dialects and accents of England including:-
    • Scouse
    • Geordie
    • Brummie
  • The distinct dialect of South African English

Course material

Different Voices is a selection of sound clips of various Englishes that will be available to all participants. The course is based on research carried out in over the past decade. There is a set of notes to accompany the course

The course is now retired. It is still available by special order. You provide the audience, I’ll deliver it.