• Our text books were often printed years ago and much of the material on the internet perpetuates old stereotypes.
  • We need to understand culture in English-speaking countries in order to teach and learn the language. So our knowledge must be up-to-date.
  • Learn about contemporary customs, idioms, manners, words and trends in Britain, America and Australia. In short, a survival guide to the English-speaking heartlands.
  • Plus – new English words for 2015.

This course is about contemporary society and culture in, especially, Britain, America and Australia. Customs, idioms, manners, words, trends.

With the aid of actual, topical examples, facts and figures and photos and illustrations, the course will answer the following:

  • What does being polite mean today?
  • A good manners guide to what you should say and do to be accepted and not cause offence (too many young Swedes do!)
  • Could you be a dinky-di Aussie?
  • What makes an American, well, American?
  • After the Scottish referendum, are there still “British” values?
  • Would you pass the Citizenship test for Britain or Australia?
  • Which idioms and phrases do you need for survival in English speaking countries?
  • What do we need to know about history, geography and social factors to understand the national psyches of the heartland English- speaking nations?

Also, as always in recent years, the latest words and phrases in the major Englishes.