Current Course

New, Newer, Newest

Hot updates from the three major varieties of English

With the aid of actual, topical examples, facts, photos and illustrations;

  1. New words

Hundreds of new words. Including the words of the year from Australia, Britain and the USA. Including reports from Linguistic society of America conferences and news from major dictionaries.

  1. New English for coming generations

How social media is changing English – for good,  for bad and forever!

  1. Black Lives Matter, coronavirus and other trends

A look at societal trends and the words and terms that they generate.

  1. Report of the US election from an eye witness perspective (from November onwards).

Nicholas will be in the USA (coronavirus permitting) to study the election at close quarters and bring back the new words and phrases that the campaigns throw up and become part of the English language.

5. The Lost Ssons of Kansas (selected locations only and if time allows)

A short version of my lecture given in the USA and Australia on how migrant Swedes anglicised their names in the USA.

Course material. There is a full set of notes to accompany the course.

The course starts at 09.00 and runs until 15.30 with morning, lunch and afternoon breaks.

The cost is only 995kr per participant (+ MOMS) including morning coffee and sandwich and afternoon coffee and cake.

The course is given in English.

When the dates are finalised you will be able to sign up directly here: