Current Course

What we have learnt about English in the past year

Hot updates from the three major varieties of English

With the aid of actual, topical examples, facts, photos and illustrations;

  • New words

Hundreds of new words. Including the words of the year from Australia, Britain and the USA. Including reports from the Linguistic Society of America conferences and news from major dictionaries. There is new material on Australian English following a research trip in 2022.

  • New English for coming generations

How social media is changing English – for good,  for bad and forever!

  •  Developments in gender identifiers and other 2022-3 trends

A look at societal trends and the words and terms that they generate.

  • Letter from America

Nicholas has first hand accounts from the USA about all manner of linguistic and social questions  from visits within the past 12 month as well as the new words that have recently become part of the English language.

  • The Lost Ssons of Kansas – (if time allows and is requested)

A short version of the lecture given in the USA and Australia on how migrant Swedes anglicised their names in the USA.

Course material. There is a full set of notes to accompany the course including comprehensive word lists from 2017 to 2021.


Nicholas will come to you: to your school, your municipality or region on a day of your choice and present this unusually long titled course as a study day. For a whole- or half-day, Nicholas’s presentations are very affordable.

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The course is given in English