Lectures for senior high school students

Well, not lectures, really – edutainment

In the past seven years, Nicholas has given well over a hundred lectures to students at 40 different schools in Sweden from Gällivare and Övertorneå in the north to Falkenberg and Karlskrona in the south.

Why Nicholas?

Today, many students have an excellent grasp of ‘youthspeak’ in English. They know emojis and memes and more than enough slang. But are they prepared for English in the adult world?

  • Are your students too reliant on technology?
  • Is Google Translate leading them down a path of complacency?
  • Has copy and paste culture overtaken meaningful study?
  • Do your students listen to you enough?

One solution to all these issues is to ask Nicholas to come to your school to edutain your students in his own unique style.

The lectures continue to develop and now cover some or all the following topics:

– The importance of correct English and good communication.

– Why good English opens up other languages. The need to adapt to different Englishes.

– The need to leave teen English behind for a more adult approach. English is much more than Facebook and World of Warcraft.

– Why politeness opens doors, makes friends and is financially rewarding.

– How and why swearing and slang do NOT make one sound more fluent.

– Why you can’t rely on technology (spelling and grammar checkers and translation apps).

– So, students still need to listen to the teachers!

+ anything else that you want Nicholas to include.

Nicholas makes the points in an entertaining way. He uses authentic, current examples and employ clear images rather than wordy presentations. Sometimes as many as 200 images from the English-speaking world. No lecture is ever dull and students learn without even realising it!.

Here are two comments from teachers:

“Anyway, I just wanted to say a big thank you for visiting us! All groups I have spoken to say they appreciated the lecture (which is rather unusual, you should be satisfied with your performance!). They thought the topics were interesting, that you were easy to listen to and that you knew what you were talking about :-)” Viveca

“Thank you for a really interesting presentation. I think it was something of an eye-opener for some of the students and I’m sure they all learnt a lot. Hopefully we’ll be able to have you back here.” Lars

And comments from students:

It was informative and an interesting lecture that contained both humour and seriousness. Lisa

Overall it was great! Maja

I liked that he used a simple language and when he used a little more difficult words he used them in a way that made it easy to understand. Emma

I thought it was entertaining. It gave me a little more insight in the English language and was funny at the same time. Alex

’The lecture was very interesting, he made several good points and even though he spoke for two hours I didn’t get tired of listening. Hilma

I really liked the presentation. It was fun to listen to and had an interesting subject. Overall I liked the entire concept and I would like to listen to something similar. Lina

He was really confident and talked with passion which made it even more exciting. He showed us how important the English language is and how important it is to be good at handling it, I think he was able to do that very well. Niklas

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Lectures for students have been extremely popular. Some schools have now established my lectures as an annual event.

The school is not asked to pay until afterwards and you are completely happy.

With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, why not book some edutainment for your students?

Four FAQs

What does it cost?

Although each lecture is specially prepared  for each occasion and the material is continually being updated, the cost is only 33 kr per student. This is negotiable for repeat visits or for very large groups.

Travel expenses by the cheapest possible transport (usually train) and hotel if an early start is necessary.

It is possible to combine visits to nearby places and schools to reduce travelling costs.

Which students may attend?

There is no pre-determined size of group that Nicholas can lecture to. He has had up to 1500 in one sitting, but then it becomes more of “show” and Nicholas doesn’t get a chance to make close contact with the audience. Also, if you group the students, Nicholas can make it slightly different depending on the ability of the groups. Nicholas has lectures relevant to academic students as well as for practical students, such as hairdressers, nurses, electricians, etc..

How long is a ‘lecture?’

Usually 75 minutes for academic students (2 times 60 minutes by request)

Practical students 45-60 minutes

When can Nicholas come to our school?

Contact him and we can work something out.

Let’s talk!