True Blue and Red Herrings

  • An essential collection of new words and phrases from 2015 plus some from recent years that may have passed you by.
  • Cultural and societal trends from Britain, America and Australia that have given rise to neologisms.
  • And find out why “It’s déjà vu all over again!”

This course concerns the new words and phrases from Britain, America and Australia and how they came into common use. With the aid of actual, topical examples, facts, photos and illustrations, the course will answer the following:

  • Where does the term red herrings come from, what does it mean and why are there so many red herrings in pop etymology?
  • Do you know what is true blue and what isn’t?
  • Why did Australians put cricket bats and onions outside their houses in 2015? Who are the silvertails and sticker lickers?
  • Why does Britain now have Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
  •  What is Godwin’s law?
  • Why are twofers popular and fashionable but also controversial?
  • Are you a MOS or a DOS checking to see if your children are succeeding in KPC about how they use leetspeak? NSFW?

Also, as in recent years, the words of the year from the three major varieties of English.