• Contemporary society and culture in the new millennium and how the world’s “language of choice” and its lingua franca – English – is adapting and evolving.
  • Technological advances allow ways of communicating that were unknown just a generation ago. British, American and other major varieties of English are embracing the changes with innovative uses of language. Find out how.

As society develops ways of communicating that were unknown just one generation ago, what is the effect on British, American Australian and other major varieties of English?

With the aid of actual, topical examples, facts and figures and several hundred photos and illustrations, the course will attempt to answer this question as well as the following.

  • What is trending and why has it become so important?
  • How has communication changed so rapidly in the third millennium and influenced English usages so much?
  • We are all cooks, fashion gurus, interior designers and pop stars now. How has English adapted to changing life-style in the 21st century?
  • Why can’t kids write properly anymore?

Get the skinny and the 411 on the English for the new millennium.